A Series of Slips, 2017
June 2 - July 2, 2017
Open Signal (Portland, Oregon USA)





a series of slips: not unified, but d i s p e r s e d, not whole but towards holism, not perforated like a sieve but built like a weaving.

db amorin’s latest collection of modular videos presents itself in purposeful disarray, an unreality recalled in ultra definition. this multi-screen installation entitled huli is a study in anachronism, reflection & the cyclical signal of epigenetic inheritance.

“to turn, reverse; to curl over, as a breaker; to change, as an opinion or manner of living. to look for, search, explore, seek, study; search, investigation; scholarship. section, as of a town, place, or house.”

hannah piper burns will be sharing skincare tips, a series of short video poems made from commercials, instructional videos, and her own text. she will also offer two multimedia treatments that combine esthetic technologies with scavenged and re-purposed brand magic.


About Open Signal’s New Media Fellowship Program:
Open Signal’s New Media Fellowship is a brand new, onsite 2.5-month residency for artists and media-makers, which provides them with access to Open Signal’s equipment, studios and resources.

This fellowship immerses artists in a culture of independently-produced media as they develop their practices. Throughout their residencies, New Media Fellows collaborate with Open Signal staff and producers to create new work and provide innovative programming to our community.


Installation photography by Sam Gehrke.