huli, 2017
dimensions & run-time variable

huli is a hyperlinked narrative, a collection of strobed vignettes centered upon a single unnamed character in perpetual jumpcut. This is a story told through approximations, whose truth is ambient and lingers in neon half-frames, in weightless spaces suspended between when it happened once and when it happened again. This is a condition passed in circles, leaping over generation gaps, written into code and manifested in all the noises and ticks, glitches and fits. It is one of many entries in an atlas of Liliha war crimes.



From press materials:

db amorin’s latest collection of modular videos presents itself in purposeful disarray, an unreality recalled in ultra definition. this multi-screen installation entitled huli is a study in anachronism, reflection & the cyclical signal of epigenetic inheritance.

“to turn, reverse; to curl over, as a breaker; to change, as an opinion or manner of living. to look for, search, explore, seek, study; search, investigation; scholarship. section, as of a town, place, or house.”


Special thanks to Renee Sills, Sarah Turner and all of the staff at Open Signal, Lauren Moran and the IPRC, Cyan Bott, Kasey Shun and everyone else who contributed talents & time, thoughts & guidance on this project.