loud curve, 2015
digital video projection, web installation


loud curve is a site-specific video & web installation for exhibition at White Gallery in Portland, OR. The exhibition serves as a screening of modular video clips (its loud curve clip A, its loud curve clip B) produced for inclusion in larger, immersive web-based installations. The work explores the areas created through projection, the concept of biocentrism as applied to virtual space and the fractured experience of immersive technologies. Included as a companion to the video diptych is a piece optimized for mobile viewing, its loud curve clip C, viewable as a web component at loudcurve.dbamorin.com.

From press materials:

“Clips of gradient wash, stereo focus and big static form a liminal space built for endless granulation. A string of modular experiences, an elastic strip of strobed positions. Expressed as generative looking, this window is a destination not a frame. A landscape compiled and rendered on contact. A motion to unfollow. Resting somewhere between loose projection and spectral object, this area is ready to be undefined together. loud curve is a partial view of something else incomplete entirely.”

Opening reception: May 2, 2015 5 – 8PM @ Littman Gallery, Portland OR USA
On View at White Gallery: May 2 – 27, 2015

Performances by Ben Glas and ABSV 6 – 8PM