one sleeper mass, 2011
serigraph, video & photo installation
dimensions variable

one sleeper mass is a multi-media installation comprised of ten serigraphs, a video installation and a booklet of photography.

“A circuitous closed-eye route, an inside movement freed from physics. These images first took shape as a memory of childhood escapism, applying pressure to my eyelids which brought flashes of non-existent celestial bodies, drifting mash-ups of abstracted memory and epileptic visions of possibility. Revelatory and epiphanic, these inside journeys are without spatial or temporal limits – a second stretches miles, impossible forms ebb and flow, the body is irrelevant. Nothing takes shape until witnessed and everything unseen can be visited, from the deepest recesses of the subconscious to the furthest reaches of space-time.

Influenced by the random formations of bacteria and the mathematical compositions of 18th century star maps, these early explorations are reconstructed as a series of prints using light refractions from found glass and other transparent surfaces, mark-making with various mediums, and reductive print-making techniques. The search is also captured as a video loop which suggests progression and movement but offers no exact location, no concrete form – only the play of light, fluid and negative spaces.”

Displayed below are original screenprints, a selection of photographs from the booklet entitled another spin visit and an excerpt of the video one sleeper mass, original runtime 10:41.