Printmakers of Olympia Showcase, 2012
June 1 - June 21, 2012
Olyphant Art & Gallery, Olympia, WA

An exhibit of work by local artists in Olympia, WA showcasing various printmaking techniques including monoprint, serigraphs, intaglio, woodcuts, lithography and photo transfers. Features a working print from the serigraph series dizzy w/o field order.

Artists with work featured:

Neil Peck
Amy Biggerstaff
Hannah Stephens
Luuk Honey
Tim Kenney
Kristen Edmund
Rhett Thomas Nelson
Laurel Henn
Nora McKinnon
Willis Samuel Ford Hoke
DB Amorin
Mary Evans
Morghan Wright-Johnson
Eric Grizzlyberg
Justin Crawford
Lois Beck
Ellen Miffit
Grace Ellis
Cate Bellanca
Kira Nelson