Single World: New Portraits by Dana Paresa, DB Amorin, and Kate Burlingame, 2012
January 23 - March 30, 2012
Gallery of Hawai'i Artists, Honolulu, HI

Single World is a collection of self-portrait photographs by Honolulu-based artists Dana Paresa, Db Amorin, and Kate Burlingame. This body of work constitutes a collaboration between all three artists over a 2 year time span. The project was inspired through a myriad of sources from personal experience and raw materials to conceptual exploration. Comprised of roughly 25 photographs, Single World plays with the concept of fantasy in identity. Paresa, Amorin, and Burlingame dare to confront the suppressed expressions of identity; the detritus of our everyday existence that are often deemed illogical, unnatural, or dysfunctional due to their fantastical nature. Such expressions are brought to the forefront in this collection of dark, surreal, and outlandish photographs. Through the artists’ own introspective outlooks, we can begin to question our own and where our true personas may lie.”

Carolyn Mirante, Curator/Owner of Gallery of Hawai’i Artists

Friday, January 20, 2012 from 6-9pm

  • Preview the exhibition before it officially opens on the 23rd
  • One-night only pop-up installation by the artists
  • Drinks and pupus