sunset is an all-day process, 2014
web animation for projection
dimensions variable


sunset is an all-day process is a web-based animation for projection that randomly generates and scrolls shifting gradients over the course of 24 hours. Built on standard blog software, the website randomly loads a variety of individually crafted digital media (hand-cut and scanned colored paper, ink drawings, colored vector shapes, underwater video of the Pacific Ocean) and slowly layers, shifts and obscures each to create a fluid half-space that treats the browser window as a surrogate for the human eye. The liminal space along the surface of water, the transition between submerged and afloat, is illustrated here as a perpetual state of being. Caught forever between two familiar zones, ascension and descent are removed as possible actions and the viewer is unable to choose a course. Instead, one must surrender to a hybrid existence of two opposing arenas, one of safety and one of urgency.